Organic Smart Pillow

Organic Smart Pillow

The Organic Smart Pillow is a thoughtful blend of modern technology and proven natural sleep remedies. To start, it's a beautifully designed pillow created with organic materials and natural dyes. Loaded with features to fight sleep apnea, improve your posture, regulate your temperature and keep you healthy. It's the perfect companion to improve your precious sleep!

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  • Organic Pillow

    organic material and natural dyes : hand-made

  • Stop Snoring

    aids proper breathing through support - 3D Neck Support

  • Amazon Alexa Echo Dot

    individual music, audio books, news and alarm right under your pillow. (*sold separately)

  • Cooler Temperature

    ceramic ball : Excellent ventilation and keep pillow's shape

  • Aroma Therapy

    cypress cube : mild fragrance beneficial for relaxation - add lavender oil

  • Health Module

    track humidity, temperature and movement ( *available Fall 2017 )


Shipping schedule?

Indiegogo campaign will be end on March 1st. All pillows will ship out beginning of March 2017.

Price discount?

Organic Smart Pillow's MSRP is $169 and $99 Indiegogo special price will be ended on March.

Smart Module?

There are two options for Smart Module. One option is for Amazon Alexa Echo Dot which is available now. And the other is Health Module which will be available in Fall 2017.

  • Hand-made
  • Natural Dye
  • Organic Fabric

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