Organic Smart Pillow * Cypress Cube Special *

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The Organic Smart Pillow is a thoughtful blend of modern technology and proven natural sleep remedies. To start, it's a beautifully designed pillow created with organic materials and natural dyes. Loaded with features to fight sleep apnea, improve your posture, regulate your temperature and keep you for. its the perfect companion to improve your precious sleep!

Insulating inner fillings:

  • Cypress Cubes  ( aroma therapy )

We are huge fans of customization and doing whats right for you so adding relaxing oils is highly encouraged *Soothing perfume is not included with your purchase*


Whats in the bag

  • organic cotton hand dyed pillow case
  • organic zipper pouch
  • cypress cubes ( aroma therapy )
  • cypress cube bag for aroma therapy ( center compartment )