Hearts Bio Inc.


Hearts Bio Inc.

Hearts Bio started with Google's special project (Project Ara) and is currently focused on eHealth products such as the fully customizable smart organic pillow and medial grade modular platform. We created a pillow with organic fabric material, natural dyeing procedures and a new smart sleep-tracking software for sleep apnea. Along with the pillow, Hearts has built medical devices that can communicate with our software on any phone. A medical grade glucose monitor (blood test) has already been created to interface with your iPhone, Android and other smart devices. More monitoring technology is in the works; we envision performing all vital tests, like blood pressure and eye tests from our applications and technology. All of this connects to your phone or tablet and makes it very easy to share with your doctor or just yourself! We truly believe this could make a difference in healthcare. There’s a growing trend and need for individuals to have the means to monitor their own health, alongside medical professionals. This could also make a huge impact in the eHealth industry.

Our Founder has his background in software, biomedical, mechanical and electrical engineering from UCLA. He started Hearts Bio with the mission to make products that help people live happier, healthier and more organized lives. With the right tools, we believe everyone can take control of monitoring their own health. Ultimately, we want to create a seamless integration between our Hearts medical modules and and life itself.

See you at CES 2017 in Eureka Park!

Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G  booth # 50433

Thanks for the opportunity to share our mission with you,