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The Organic Smart Pillow

The Organic Smart Pillow is a thoughtful blend of modern technology and proven natural sleep remedies. To start, it's a beautifully designed pillow created with organic materials and natural dyes. Loaded with features to fight sleep apnea, improve your posture, regulate your temperature and keep you for . its the perfect companion to improve your precious sleep!


Choose between 2 insulating inner fillings: Soft cypress pine chips or Ceramic-blend beads. however, we are huge fans of customization and doing whats right for you so adding relaxing essential oils is highly encouraged (we'll help you get the right ones)


Here's where we take it a step further: Utilizing the built in pouch in the center, we house the Hearts.Bio Smart Module. It's loaded with sensors to track all the important aspects about your sleep your not awake to record! Eventually, we'd love for it to help you and your doctors make more informed decisions about sleep disorders and just how we sleep in general.


The Hearts.Bio Module is our start up concept and is currently in the crowd funding stages. However we are thankful the rest of the pillow is ready to go and bring the world the most amazing sleeping experience yet.  Buy the available products here, and learn more about our project, where to donate, and to help us make the whole thing a reality.